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Don't know what geocaching is? The Quad City Museum Geocache may be a great way for you to learn. Geocaches are for people who enjoy treasure hunts, and provide individuals and families with a fun activity. By finding some or all of the Quad Cities museum caches you will learn about the many great museums in our community. All caches are outdoors, but we hope you will come back and visit the participating organizations.

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a treasure hunt that can be as fun for the hider as it is for the seeker. Any given treasure, known as a geocache, has specific coordinates of longitude and latitude to which seekers must travel in order to locate the treasure. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or GPS-enabled smartphone and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world.

Here are some tips for those of you that have never tried geocaching before, these are a must if you want to have a good time and find the most caches possible.
  1. Do not rely 100% on the coordinates given to you in the cache description. If you get within several feet of the exact coordinates then it is time to start looking around. Many factors could cause the location to be slightly off.
  2. Don't expect the cache to be hidden in plain sight, expert cachers are known for hiding something using the native camouflage of the environment. Look up, down, below the ground, at eye level. One example could be, if there is a tree 2 - 3 feet within the coordinates then chances are the object is tied up in the tree.
  3. If the geocache location is on or near a business or private property then be sure to not let your kids run all around the place because it could be very dangerous.
  4. Read the hints in the description very carefully, often there are clues contained in the description that don't mean anything until you actually get to the location. So read and then reread once you get to the spot.
  5. If possible, take a smartphone on which you have downloaded one of the geocaching apps so that you can look up the description of each geocache location before you get to it. Otherwise you won't have all of the hints (if any) available and you may get frustrated not being able to find the geocache. An alternative to this would be to print out all of the cache spots you want to visit before you leave the house but that requires a printer and paper.
  6. Remember that it's just a game and don't get too annoyed by all of the geek speak of stuff like muggles (can't believe I'm playing a game that uses terminology from Harry Potter, seriously). The game can be incredibly fun so don't let your pride get in the way of having a good time.
To get started on your treasure hunt of Quad Cities museums, to go to geocaching.com. See if you can collect a wooden nickel from all of the participating geocaches!

Quad Cities Museum Geocache is funded by the William Butterworth Foundation.

List of Participating Museums
Buffalo Bill Cody Homestead
Buffalo Bill Museum
Butterworth Center
Dan Nagle Walnut Grove Pioneer Village
Deere-Wiman House
Family Museum
Figge Art Museum
German American Heritage Museum
Iowa 80 Trucking Museum
Putnam Museum
Rock Island County Historical Society